journal of aesthetics and culture

Journal of Aesthetics & Culture is a peer reviewed Open Access journal that aims to develop inter-disciplinary theoretical models as applied to human science research on aesthetic questions, understood in their broadest meaning, as a means to transcend traditional subject boundaries and to integrate regional, national, international and global perspectives; and finally, to also bridge the gaps between art and technology, between high brow culture and popular culture, and between aesthetics and politics.

The journal publishes high quality original research articles as well as reviews of current research and editorials that reflect over the state of knowledge within the research field. Contributions covering a wide range of subject areas are welcome, as well as both empirical and theoretical investigations within specific subject areas. Contributions can embark from historical or contemporary perspectives, as well from more overarching research into aesthetics and culture from a philosophical/scientific/theoretical point of departure, or based on the role aesthetic phenomena play within the production of culture at large.

Among the primary subject areas covered by the journal’s overarching aims are: architecture, aesthetics, film science, art theory, cultural theory and cultural studies, literature studies, music studies, fashion studies and drama. Even subjects such as ethnology, philosophy, gender studies, history of ideas, history, linguistics, media and communication studies, religious studies, social anthropology or sociology may be equally of relevance for publication when they address the essential issues treated in the journal.

Journal of Aesthetics & Culture occasionally publishes thematic clusters. Calls for papers on these themes will be announced on the journal website.


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