nyx / a noctournal

Nyx takes its inspiration from the night, that space of creative and subversive potential outside the boundaries of daylight, propriety and productivity. The journal belongs to the day: to the time of light, of clarity, of organised work. We wanted a place to record what we do outside of normal daylight hours, a noctournal, when the rules of work and the usual strictures of academic writing are relaxed; a place to write and think about what we see only obscurely, or not at all. At night, the relationship between the sensible and the real is different: a dimly-glimpsed contour, the shifting of a shade, the echo of a movement, maybe a sign of something present and important, whose full significance is waiting to emerge. Or it may be the effect of something trivial, a passer-by whose true influence on us we will never really learn; it may be something, or it may be nothing at all – a trick of the dark.



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