cvs - center for visual studies

The Center for Visual Studies is an association of scientists and professionals established with the aim of studying the body of science- and theory-related problems which the Anglo-Saxon academic terminology most commonly describes as "visual studies". This is a relatively new discipline whose basic object is the research of the entire field of visuality in the contemporary civilization, reaching from high art and pop culture to transcultural interactions with non-European practices in the visual arts and models of picturization in the global spectacle society.

The Center departs from the assumption that traditional art history – which is attempting to reconcile the diachronic study of the art object with its a priori determination in narrower terms – does not display enough methodological vitality necessary for dealing with the latest visual phenomena and contemporary art practice. The Center wishes to develop new, non-orthodox approaches to phenomena such as the picture as an transiconic fact or start a discussion on the status of the gaze upon art objects as well as upon "non-art" objects.


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