making light of it

As the two or three people (a generous figure I'm sure) who regularly follow this blog might have noticed, I've slowly trended away from the creation of original content and instead assumed a move towards something resembling an archive of sorts. This is somewhat based on mild weariness of my own words, but also on my increasing interest in the archival field as a potential career path. Many of the various documents on this blog have served as a lifeblood for me, and my primary motivation in uploading them has been to allow others who are in similar situations away from “cultural hubs” to have access and hopefully experience similar revelations. On a related note, I would like to briefly mention a word concerning a very valid criticism of this blog, namely that there is a noted lack of materials on recent works. This should not in any way be considered indicative of my interests, as I have no doubt there is a wide range of enlightening work continually being made. Rather this is purely a matter of access, much to my dismay I'm lucky to see one or two new works each year. I'm hoping that in the future this will change as I finish with my schooling and transition to a place with more viewing opportunities. Until that time, however, I will simply try to do the best with what I have. As always if any filmmakers come across this site and are in need of any help, no matter how trivial it may be, I urge you to let me know, as I'm eager to be of assistance in whatever way I can...


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