queering paradigms

As in the previous conferences, we use the term 'queer' to refer to an indefinite, borderless domain of non-normative genders, sexualities and bodily practices that is also affiliated with critical analytic approaches, while recognizing that the term does not resonate globally as it emerged from Western experience. 'Queering' thus questions, contrasts, challenges and destabilizes heteronormativity, but is not restricted to it: homo-, class-, religion-, scientific- and academic-normativity are also part of its scope of analysis.
The aim of the conference is thus to analyze the status quo and the future challenges of Queer and LGBTIQ Studies from an ample, inter/multidisciplinary perspective, in order to problematize/destabilize (i.e. to queer) discourses and paradigms. Our intention is to bring together researchers from many countries in an exploration of queer and LGBTIQ social practices, presenting from disciplines as diverse as, but not limited to, anthropology, sociology, language studies, theology, political science, law, social medicine, philosophy, geography and social psychology.

Proposals for Papers and Panels:

Paper and panel proposals are invited on any aspect of Queer or LGBTIQ Studies. They shall be grouped into the following areas:

  • Queering ethics
  • Queering institutions
  • Queering language practices
  • Queering art and literature
  • Queering media practices
  • Queering races and ethnicities
  • Queering epistemologies and methodologies
  • Queering activism
  • Queering temporalities and geographies
  • Queering bodies, embodiment and identities



  1. R&A debería presentar su experiencia. El evento es en Brasil.


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