The act of seeing: visuality and the social life of methods

Panel at The Social Life of Methods conference (31 August - 3 September 2010)

*The act of seeing: visuality and the social life of methods*

Recent years have witnessed an expansion in the use of ‘visual methodologies’ in the social sciences and related disciplines. These methodologies have highlighted the significance of visual media to the research process. However, relatively little attention has been accorded to the way in which a more fundamental dimension of visuality figures as part of the research process: the act of seeing, and the individual’s experience of seeing from a first person perspective

This panel will address the ways in which seeing figures as integral to the research process, and how seeing has and has not been addressed as an element of this process.

Themes to be addressed might include:

The researcher as a figure who sees
Conceptions of the individual as a subject who sees
The relationship between visual media and the act of seeing
The denigration of vision in research methodologies
The relationship between seeing and the other senses
The limits of seeing and the unseen
Seeing and knowledge
The history of vision
Scopic desire
The ethics of seeing

Abstracts of 200-300 words for individual papers should be sent to Andrew
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The deadline for abstracts is the end of February 2010.

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